Kemtile has delivered an electrostatic discharge (ESD) specific flooring solution for a global pharmaceutical company based in the North East of England that specialises in life-transforming treatment for substance use disorders and other serious mental illnesses.

The site required a chemically-resistant ESD floor finish and their architect contacted Kemtile to propose the right product for the use and specifications.

The entire project was delivered within four weeks – contracted by a design-led construction firm that provides solutions for pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare companies.

Led by David Priest, the team supplied samples of Stonshield ESD – a Stonhard solution that offers outstanding static control properties and durability. Stonshield ESD is a nominal 2-5mm, seamless, conductive, decorative floor system and is designed specifically for areas with ESD-sensitive components and increased traffic and loading.

Stonshield also benefits from the fact that it doesn’t need to have a “conductive grid” of copper tapes installed for the product to conduct, although “grounding plates” do need to be fitted at specific points in the floor.

After a thorough inspection and evaluation of the samples, chemical resistance charts and static control values, Kemtile completed the project over three phases, installing 400m2 of Stonshield ESD at 5mm thick to the main floor and its Stonkote HT4 to the first floor mezzanine plant rooms..

As well as the floors, Kemtile also installed 200m2 of its seamless fibreglass-reinforced resin-based wall coating system, Protectorseal. This solution is able to withstand the rigours of high-pressure cleaning and fumigation, making it ideal for pharmaceutical environments.

Kemtile’s David Priest commented: “We’ve previously worked with the end customer before and were familiar with their exacting requirements.

“This specific site were initially looking to install either vinyl or plastic sheets to the walls but when they found out about the Protectorseal wall finishes and how they had been successfully used on another site for many years, the specification was changed.

“Being appointed by the same two customers is a testament to our reputation and specific flooring solutions. We look forward to working with both companies again in the near future.”