Flooring for every  industry

Kemtile has four decades of experience in a variety of sectors, providing specialist flooring expertise bespoke to that industries specific needs. 


Flooring in pharma manufacture must be sterile to improve contamination control.


Clean rooms need high performance flooring with good levels of chemical resistance and sterility


Kemtile has the experience to advise both small and large bakeries on the best flooring solution to suit their specific environments


Concrete floors are not able to withstand the demands of the rigorous brewing process. Flooring and drainage is a necessary investment.


Confectionery preparation flooring needs to be hygienic and slip resistant.


Dairy floors, subject to all types of spillages, be it water, milk, brine, or caustic cleaning solutions, must be slip and chemical resistant.

Meat Processing

Kemtile provides a one-stop shop for flooring and drainage specifications, all installed by our skilled in-house teams.

Plant Based

Our antimicrobial flooring and wall solutions are a particularly popular specification choice for our plant-based manufacturing clients.

Ready Meals

Hygiene, safety and longevity are three of the most important considerations when selecting a new floor finish for the prepared meal manufacturing industry.

Soft Drinks

Manufacturing soft drinks requires a floor that is exceptionally hygienic and slip resistant when liquids are spilled.


Kemtile advises automotive manufacturing plants and vehicle maintenance facilities on complete flooring systems.

Public Sector

Kemtile has a proven track record in designing and installing durable easy-clean hygienic flooring systems across the public sector.

Waste Management

The Stonchem range has six different resin chemistries that offer protection against  chemicals whether it’s solvent, organic or inorganic acid, alakali, oils or caustic.

Working in partnership with you to make sure you have top quality flooring systems designed to meet your needs

Taking time to understand the exact details of a project: To ensure our customers receive the most suitable and long-lasting flooring solution that meet their requirements, we always try to take our time to understand the complexities of each job at the very start of the project. Doing so prevents any nasty surprises further down the line and ensures that the installation is undertaken as efficiently and effectively as possible, with minimal impact on downtime and therefore profitability.


Involvement right from the start: We like to be involved in a project right from the start. In doing so, we can visit the site and meet with clients and other design and construction partners and contractors to provide practical solutions from concept to completion. This also helps to ensure that all parties have a full understanding of the flooring system and how it will work and impact on other areas. After all, everything is built upon it so it is important that it is right, first time.
Going the extra mile: We always try to go the extra mile at every stage of the project, from initial designs through to installation and then post-completion, to ensure that the most exact details of every project are met. This sometimes sees us tweak our brief as requirements change. We like to think that we’re responsive and adaptable to be able to amend designs, schedules and plans to meet our clients’ often shifting needs.