Kemtile has recently installed one of its engineered lining systems for a US pharmaceutical manufacturer.

A year after an acquisition in 2017, the business’ pharmaceutical arm started to provide integrated drug development and clinical trial services for clients across the globe.

The business contacted Kemtile to install a robust lining solution in a new Ethanol storage facility as part of a dedicated vaccine expansion project as it needed to protect the new concrete structure. The scheme involved the creation of a new concrete bund within an existing building to store the Ethanol and provide secondary containment in case there was a spillage or leak.

The client needed a protective lining system for the bund for containment, which also needed to be ‘spark-proof’ due to the explosive risk of the Ethanol. The Kemtile team recommended Stonchem 628, a product that is specifically designed to provide a ‘spark-proof’ and solvent-resistant lining system barrier.

The multi-layered system provides a smooth, heavy-duty conductive and non-sparking chemical barrier, which is resistant to thermal shock, thermal cycling, static cracks, permeation and abrasion.

The carbon-filled topcoat on the system also provides excellent resistance to concentrated sulfuric acid, solvents and caustics. The lining system is ideal for secondary containment areas.

Speaking of the project, Kemtile’s David Priest said: “After an in-depth review at the facility it was clear that the client needed a system that could not only provide resistance to chemicals and, in particular, solvents, but would also resist thermal fluctuations and provide anti-static properties.

He continued: “The client needed a ‘solution in action’ as soon as possible due to the workload of the plant so we began the work straight after the approval of the recommendation and completed the project within two weeks. This minimised downtime on the site and allowed the benefits of the new solution to be in effect right away.”

May 2022