Kemtile, a division of Stonhard, has delivered a 700m2 flooring solution for one of the world’s leading producers of PET and PEN polyester films.

For over several decades, the company has been using leading-edge science to provide innovative film solutions for designers, engineers, specifiers and end-users.

During the two-week project, the Kemtile team worked in the live factory, screening off areas and removing the existing flooring system that had become embrittled. Kemtile then installed 700 m2 of their high-performance Stonclad GS flooring system.

Stonclad GS provides an extremely hard, impact-resistant floor surface which exhibits excellent abrasion and wear resistance. Because it is installed by “power trowelling”, a very flat surface is achieved and large areas can be installed in a short period, ideal where downtime can be costly.  

Throughout the installation, the Kemtile team kept the downtime to a minimum and as always prioritised dust suppression to avoid causing any operational disruptions or contamination. 

Commenting on the project, the client said: “Kemtile is familiar with us and again we are delighted with the installation. It’s a bespoke flooring system that is designed to meet our facility’s specific requirements and was delivered with minimal disruption to our operations.” 

Kemtile’s Mark Galloway, who led the project, commented: “Meeting challenging flooring tasks is what makes us stand out. The facility was live throughout the duration of our work. 

“We are grateful to the operational manager and his team who worked closely with our specialist installers to deliver the floor on time, with the least impact on day-to-day activities on the site.”