Kemtile has delivered a single-source flooring installation for one of the largest suppliers to the NHS with over 7,500 products and services.

Completed over three phases the flooring project included the complete removal of the existing floor surfaces and the installation of a high-performance Stonhard floor to meet the facility’s production requirements.

During the first phase of the installation, Kemtile removed the existing flooring back down to base concrete and then re-levelled the floor using Stonhard’s Stonset TG5, a three-component heavy-duty polyurethane grout, to ensure a solid base was provided for the final Stonclad floor finishes.  

In the second and third phases, Kemtile installed the final Stonhard high-performance floor finishes to 600m2. Kemtile used a four-component high-performance power-trowelled epoxy mortar system Stonclad GS in combination with Stonproof CT5, a crack-bridging system designed to eliminate and isolate day work and construction joints as well as cracks in the concrete slab. The Stonclad system was then further enhanced by the application of Stonkote HT4, to provide that extra layer of protection from a wide range of chemicals and increase abrasion resistance and cleanability.

Akeel Ahmed, Business Development Manager at Kemtile, who led the project said: “We used a unique way of installing Stonclad and laid the base GS floor by power trowelling instead of conventional hand trowelling. 

“This allowed us to provide a flatter floor finish for smooth movements of forklift trucks.”

Commenting on the project David Priest, Key Account Manager at Kemtile, said: “This project adds a leading healthcare company to Kemtile’s growing portfolio of works for pharmaceutical clients including AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Reckitt.

“We look forward to helping businesses in the pharmaceutical sector meet their flooring requirements.”

Photo by Talha Hassan on Unsplash