Kemtile, a division of Stonhard, has completed an incredible sixteenth flooring installation for an advanced engineering solutions firm in Worcestershire as it continues to grow Stonhard’s superb work in the aerospace sector. 

The long-standing Stonhard customer called in the experts from the Kemtile division to enhance and expand the flooring solution it had previously utilised in its metals manufacturing facility.  

The focus of the job involved the repair and renovation of various floor areas in a busy factory environment where airframe fasteners and lockbolts are produced. Stonhard UK had started working in the facility in 2011 and the company released areas of floor as it developed and modernised its manufacturing processes. 

Kemtile have carried on this legacy since starting to install the full Stonhard range of materials. After removing existing paint coats and oil contamination as well as other flooring systems that had been installed by others that had failed, the team got to work on installing 500m2 of Stonclad GS on this particular phase of work. 

Stonclad GS is applied seamlessly using “power trowels” and cures to provide an extremely hard, impact-resistant floor finish which exhibits excellent abrasion, wear and chemical resistance and can be used anywhere an epoxy mortar is required – making it perfect for an engineering and manufacturing environment.

Stonclad GS is one of the most popular Stonclad products in the manufacturing marketplace – having been used across a vast number of similar floors for generations.  

With its ability to be installed by power trowelling, large areas can be installed very quickly and the installation crew don’t have to be on their “hands and knees” as with other flooring systems. 

Stonclad GS is part of a range of Stonclad systems, some of which are epoxy based and some being polyurethane. 

There is a Stonclad system to suit most environments. For more information, visit the full product range