Wessex Water

This regional water and sewerage business serves 2.9 million customers across the south-west of England. Kemtile was brought in to provide a suitable flooring solution for their “food to power” facility in Avonmouth.

Customer Name:

Wessex Water Company

Business Sector:

Water and Sewage


Stonclad UT – a high-impact polyurethane-based floor screed which exhibits excellent abrasion, thermal shock, thermal cycling and chemical-resistant characteristics. The system was further reinforced with a layer of Stonhard’s Stonchem 601 chemical-resistant lining system to further enhance its chemical-resistant properties.

The Challenge

Corrosive elements contained in the domestic waste treated on-site by Wessex had attacked the concrete floor surface to leave it “pitted” and uneven. A subsequent “overlayment” installed to combat the problem had also failed within a short period of time leaving the floor needing a complete rethink in terms of a solution.

Our Solution

Kemtile visited the site over 18 months and undertook testing works of the existing finishes and structural slab by taking “cores” and having these examined by a concrete testing laboratory.

What our customer had to say

Dan Owen, Project Engineer of GENco/Wessex Water Enterprises, said: “Kemtile brought great expertise to the table from day one dealing with a significant level of deterioration and providing immediate support – as well as supplying the final flooring fix over the 18 months that we worked together.

“I commend them on seamless delivery with minimum disruption to the rest of the plant which remained in operation throughout.”