Gipsy Hill Brewing Company

Gipsy Hill Brewing Company is the latest craft brewer to task Kemtile with the design and installation of a flooring system for its latest brewery expansion. It was the third undertaken by Kemtile over the last two and a half years, and a subsequent project order has since been placed – taking the total tally up to four.

Customer Name:

Gipsy Hill

Business Sector:



Hexagon Ceramic Tiles, Kagetec BS tiling, stainless steel drainage

The Challenge

In its most recent project, Kemtile complemented 70m2 Kagetec BS tiling with 12m bespoke Wiedemann-Technik heavy duty stainless-steel drainage channel. Before working with Kemtile, Gipsy Hill experienced two failed resin floors that had been installed by other contractors. But Kemtile was quick to allay their concerns and has since supported the brewery throughout its rapid expansion programme – growing from five employees and four tanks, with 1,200hl total annual capacity, in 2016 to the present day. Today, Gipsy Hill has 19 employees, 24 tanks, with a total capacity of 25,000hl annually, and its future plans are ambitious.


What our customer had to say

Sam McMeekin, Gipsy Hill Brewing Company co-founder, said: “Kemtile has worked with so many breweries for such a long time that its understanding of the industry is second to none. This means that the team has consistently given us great advice about our flooring and drainage design and we know we can trust them to design and install our flooring as well as helping us to maintain it. There are always some flooring issues to arise when heavy equipment is installed or the rigors of a busy brewery process takes their toll.Kemtile has always been quick to respond and make any necessary repairs quickly. This means that we continue to have floors that look and perform like new.

“Other huge benefits of our Kemtile-designed and installed flooring systems are the efficiencies that they have brought to our business. With our previous flooring, quite a bit of time was spent squeegeeing pooled liquids from the floor. That’s now a thing of the past, so the time and man hours spend doing that is now directed towards other areas – adding value to our top line. I believe Kemtile is the best in the UK when it comes to designing and installing brewery flooring. In fact, it’s the sole UK supplier of Kagetec ceramic tile systems. This means that the floors they install are different to everyone else’s. They look stunning, they’re installed expertly, they perform brilliantly, and they’re designed to last. That’s why we have chosen them to install all four of ours.”