Envirowales Ltd

Envirowales is an industry-leading, lead acid battery recycling plant located in Ebbw Vale, South Wales. In 2008 Stonhard, and it’s associate/sister company Kemtile, was chosen by Envirowales to design and install a heavy duty, anti-corrosion, lining system at its facility in Ebbw Vale. Despite the extremely harsh conditions, impact, abrasion and acid spills, the lining system is still performing extremely well – even after more than 13 years of continuous heavy use.

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Stonchem 600 Series (Novolac Epoxy) – Stonchem 656 with Stonclad HT


The prevention of chemicals leaking into the surrounding environment, water courses etc was of paramount importance for Envirowales as well as the protection of concrete substrate. The company needed a protective lining system that could resist notjust chemical attack, but also withstand constant physical impact.

Kemtile’s lining solution

We installed up to 3,000m2 of Stonchem high performance lining system with a fibreglass reinforcement to the floors and walls of the recycling facility. It helped maintain the integrity of the lining system and protect against reflective cracking from the concrete. Stonclad HT, a chemically resistant heavy duty epoxy floor screed provided protection against the continual impact and abrasion from the batteries and grab crane.

Durable and resistant to sulphuric acid

Stonhard’s 600 Series is resistant to 98% sulphuric acid, the main chemical that leaks out of batteries whilst they are being dismantled for recycling. The Stonchem range has six different resin chemistries that offer different protection against different chemicals whether it’s solvent, organic or inorganic acid, alakali, oils or caustic.

Entire lining design and install

We designed a system with a chemistry to resist the specific acid exposure. The flooring specialist also engineered a reinforced mortar system to resist the unique impact and mechanical forces expected in the battery recycling process. The team designed and installed the lining system and provided the client with a single source warranty.

What our customer had to say

Jim Cullinane, Engineering Manager at Envirowales Ltd, said: “The containment area for the batteries is large and needed a heavy and reliable solution that was abrasion and chemical-resistant. Stonhard not only provided the required solution, but also established credibility with its single source warranty. We look forward to working with them again in the future.”