Alltrista Plastics

Alltrista Plastics is a specialist manufacturer of high-end technical plastic moulding solutions for medical, pharma, nutraceutical and specialty packaging. The company operates Class 8 certified cleanroom moulding and assembly facilities in a heavy-duty warehousing environment.

Customer Name:

Alltrista Plastics, Christchurch, Dorset

Business Sector:

Pharma / healthcare


Stonclad HT and Stonshield HRI

The Challenge

To increase its packaging production capabilities, their brief involved the refurbishment of an existing warehouse facility into high grade cleanrooms, using a 2000m2 high-performance epoxy flooring system.

The Kemtile flooring solution

Over a two-month period, racking was stripped out of the warehouse for us to then plane the asphalt down to the base slab. We then installed a total of 2000m2 high-performance epoxy flooring systems throughout the new pharma production facility and cleanroom.

Its design included the installation of 1200m2 Stonclad HT in the new warehouse. A four-component power troweled mortar was applied at 6mm due to the rigorous demands of forklift traffic. Curing to an extremely hard mortar, Stonclad HT offers excellent abrasion, wear and chemical resistance.

Slip and impact resistant floors

In the cleanrooms, Stonhard applied Stonshield HRI epoxy quartz mortar. This durable flooring system has a decorative slip-resistant surface. Ideal for trowel application over rough substrates, this base also provides superior impact resistance. Meeting the aesthetic requirements of the client brief, the quartz-coloured top layer of Stonshield HRI makes for an attractive floor surface that is also lightly textured for safety.

What our customer had to say

Keith Tanner, Engineering Manager at Alltrista Plastics, said: “We chose to partner with Stonhard on this project due to its reputation for high-quality pharma applications across the globe. Their knowledge and experience of our industry and our requirements was obvious immediately. They responded to our brief with a solution that met all of our requirements in terms of both performance and aesthetics. We’re delighted with the end result.”