Floors for Waste Management

Effective waste management is a priority for all businesses – and high-performance floors directly impact the effective, safe processing of excess materials, refuse and debris. With the right floors in place, companies can prioritise sustainability, avoid contamination, and keep their environment safe.


Abrasion and chemical resistant flooring for waste management areas.

The extensive experience of the Kemtile team provides huge benefits and peace of mind to our customers. Kemtile offers a one-stop-shop for flooring, drainage and walls, as well as all associated civils works such as underground drainage connections and the design and installation of new structural concrete floors. For added peace of mind, all of Kemtile’s installations are carried out by its own trained personnel and include experienced site supervision and full health and safety compliance.

Top 5 questions to consider when installing a flooring solution in the waste management sector…

Is this floor hygienic and easy to clean?

Facilities for waste management constantly deal with harsh chemicals and other elements that can cause lasting damage when spilled or processed. That’s why it is crucial to use a flooring solution that is easy to clean – ultimately preventing any build-up of harmful bacteria and ensuring a safe environment for employee wellbeing, as well as preventing floors from deterioration. 

 Does the floor withstand impact?

 Waste management plants should be able to withstand heavy equipment, constant foot traffic, and impact from waste materials. Contaminants combined with impact and abrasion from repeated use can deteriorate unprotected concrete floors, which can reduce efficiency.

 Is the floor chemically resistant?

 Waste management facilities must ensure they install chemically resistant floors. Due to the presence of corrosive substances in waste management environments, all flooring materials must be able to withstand these chemicals and prevent any damage.

 What impact does the floor have on the environment?

 Choosing sustainable flooring materials when installing a new flooring system will go a long way towards lowering your business’s overall impact on the environment.  

 Does this floor comply with health and safety regulations?

 Ensuring compliance with the health and safety requirements of regulatory bodies is essential for industrial settings. Facilities must ensure their flooring provider can adhere to these guidelines when installing a new floor.


The containment area for the batteries is large and needed a heavy and reliable solution that was abrasion and chemical-resistant. Stonhard not only provided the required solution, but also established credibility with its single source warranty. We look forward to working with them again in the future

Jim Cullinane

Engineering Manager, Envirowales Ltd