Industrial Resin Flooring

Kemtile is a division of the global resin flooring manufacturer, Stonhard,expert  manufacturer of a complete range of epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems including systems for protecting walls and containment lining systems for bunds etc. All these systems are expertly installed by Kemtile in the UK. The Stonhard systems provide the best in terms of durable, seamless, high performance flooring systems. Kemtile provide a flooring solution for all demanding industrial environments including CIP spaces, cleanrooms and food and drink factories.


A range of High-Strength Industrial and Commercial Flooring systems based on both urethane and epoxy technology designed to provide ultimate floor protection in heavy-duty environments. Chemical, abrasion and impact resistant. Stonclad can be configured to meet the needs of static control and temperature-dependent environments. Eco-friendly recycled glass systems are also available. The extensive colour range makes it versatile enough for less industrial areas including Commercial applications.

Some systems offer fast curing and this together with the fact that some of the systems can be power trowelled they can be installed quickly minimising the impact on your operation. Varying degrees of surface texture offer the best solutions to that all important balance between slip resistance and cleanability. Theres even a ESD version for those sensitive environments where static discharge can be a nuisance. Check our the RBSL case study.


Stonchem CIP

We’ve combined our highly popular Stonclad UT, a urethane, textured floor system that resists traffic, impact and thermal shock with our Stonchem 800 series, a vinyl ester technology that withstands the chemical exposures common in CIP areas.

With its short installation time, it is perfect for the most difficult environments found in food and beverage facilities and can quickly restore service while ensuring long-lasting performance.



Stonshield is a nominal 2 or 5 mm thick durable flooring system with a decorative, slip-resistant surface. In the 5mm version it’s trowelled base provides superior impact resistance and allows the Stonshield to be applied over rough substrates. The colour quartz broadcast top shield layer results in an attractive floor surface that is textured for safety. Theres even a ESD version for those sensitive environments where static discharge can be a nuisance.


Stonblend offers a smart, smooth and stain resistant floor finish. Highly recommended for pharmaceutical, research and healthcare applications. Also widely popular in commercial environments. Available with recycled glass formulation for an environmentally-friendly application.

A more heavy duty version is available where extra protection is required. Power trowelled for applications over large areas to minimise installation time. Theres even a ESD version for those sensitive environments where static discharge can be a nuisance.


Noise-Reducing Flooring systems, Seamless, resilient urethane floor systems that combine distinctive design with function. Your space can be transformed with a traditional or custom pattern. Created with public spaces in mind, it’s ergonomic and noise-reducing. Special formulation for Operating Rooms.


Decorative Flake Finish Flooring Systems dense, stain resistant, epoxy and urethane-based in an extensive range of flake finishes and colour options. Popular with design teams for applications from pharma labs to university concourses. Perfect for quick installations.


Self-Smoothing Epoxy Flooring, Ultra smooth, liquid rich, chemical and impact-resistant self-smoothing floors. The first choice for environments that need static control and low-friction flooring. Ideal for clean rooms, laboratories and data centers.


Waterproofing Membrane, Epoxy and urethane-based waterproof decking and membrane floor protection for mechanical equipment rooms, pump mezzanines and any indoor space requiring waterproofing. Slip resistant, abrasion and fire resistant.


Kemtile uses Stonglaze in conjunction with Stonhard floor systems to provide seamless protection for walls, providing a smooth, splash and stain resistant wall glaze.


Crack bridging and positive side water proofing systems designed to be overlaid with the majority of the Stonhard flooring range. Stonproof CT5 is designed to treat isolated cracks in concrete floors where as Stonproof ME7/RH7 are designed to treat whole floor area prior to the installation of the new Stonhard system.


A range of complimentary resin grouts designed to fill large holes and even create drainage “falls”. Either epoxy or urethane based these systems compliment the Stonhard flooring range.


Stonfil OP2 is used in those floor areas where there is evidence of Osmosis or rising damp. Applied prior to the Stonhard floor finishes.

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