Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL)

RBSL, a joint venture between BAE Systems and Rheinmetall providing military vehicle design, manufacture and support, selected Kemtile to install a robust flooring for a heavy-duty environment. Kemtile installed a high performance, power-trowelled epoxy floor mortar to withstand traffic from 70 tonne tanks at the Telford manufacturing plant for RBSL. The flooring installation is part of RBSL’s £20m internal investment programme to improve infrastructure and create a world-class manufacturing facility to deliver key armoured vehicle programmes.

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Rheinmetall Bae Systems Land (RBSL)

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Stonclad GS epoxy mortar, Stonproof CT5

Kemtile’s flooring solution

Kemtile installed 19,000 sq metres of its well-known and extensively used Stonclad GS which is specifically designed to be power trowelled, which eliminates the need for “hand trowelling”. Power trowelling also allows for large areas to be installed in one day, 1000m2 is easily achievable.Kemtile complimented the solution with Stonproof CT5 to mitigate future cracking risks. Stonproof CT5 is a special, crack bridging flexible “bandage” system that is specifically designed to be applied over surface cracks to stop them “mirroring” through the finished floor system. Stonproof CT5 has been used extensively over many years and has proved to be an extremely reliable solution for static cracks in concrete.

Durable and fit for 70 tonne tanks

RBSL needed a heavy-duty resin floor finish that could withstand heavy steel tracked military vehicles up to 70 tonnes in weight without “flaking” and provide a long lasting resilient industrial floor finish. To ensure the durability of the solution Kemtile allocated the job to its experienced crews who brilliantly delivered the solution to withstand heavy weight.

Steve Lyon, Technical Services Manager from Kemtile, said: “RBSL now has a durable flooring solution which can properly withstand years of what is probably the ultimate in heavy duty traffic. Tanks and other military vehicles can roll over this floor with confidence.”

What our customer had to say

Andy Lovatt, Senior Facilities Engineer at Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL) said: “Installing a new floor in a 60-year-old factory, while maintaining production activity, has been a unique and logistically challenging project for RBSL and Kemtile.” “Kemtile was selected because of its proven experience in delivering market-leading flooring products. The new floor will provide a long-term, durable surface which greatly improves the environment and reduces maintenance costs. It is transforming the factory and we are delighted with the quality of the finished product.”