The Kemtile team has successfully delivered a “fit for purpose” single-source 1000 sqm floor project for the UK’s largest pet food manufacturer.

Specialising in the production of dry dog food, the business is home to some of the country’s biggest and most sustainable pet food brands.

After an in-depth review of their requirements, Kemtile saw there were clear priorities to tackle slip resistance and withstand a rigorous cleaning routine including making suitable drainage provision.  

During the production process animal fats tend to drop onto floor surfaces making them very slippery and there are regular, intense cleandowns – from at least two metres up the walls and down to the floors.

The Kemtile team proposed a range of solutions including slip-resistant Stonhard flooring, Stonclad UR, Polysto kerbs, Protectorseal, a fibreglass-reinforced wall protection coating, and stainless steel drainage – which had to be centrally located.  

During the 6-month project, we installed all the underground drainage pipework, bespoke drainage channels, and a new concrete floor. Stonclad UR  – a high-impact slip-resistant mortar – was then laid over the new concrete. 

The flooring system was designed to create a level floor surface with controlled slopes, ensuring efficient drainage and preventing the accumulation of liquids. 

The use of polyurethane floor screed makes the floor more durable, providing a robust surface capable of withstanding heavy traffic and chemicals involved in a demanding manufacturing environment. 

The 300mm high and 100mm wide Polysto kerbs were installed to ensure a seamless transition between floor and wall surfaces, improving hygiene and facilitating easy cleaning.

Commenting on the project, George Morton, at Kemtile said: “It was a complex brief which required a range of products and systems installed by our team which will give IRN wall and flooring the required longevity, durability and high performance.”


About Kemtile

Kemtile is a division of Stonhard which operates in 50+ countries across Europe and brings extensive product know-how and installation expertise to every project, delivering high-quality ‘single source’ flooring, drainage and wall protection solutions for food and beverage, manufacturing and processing industries.