Floors for pharma

Kemtile advises pharmaceutical manufacturing plants on complete floor systems, providing a one-stop shop for site surveys, specification, design, groundworks, drainage, site supervision, health and safety compliance and installation. 

Floors designed for processing, packaging, labs, and clean room areas

Floors for processing, packaging, labs and clean rooms must be chemical, impact, and abrasion resistant, and capable of being scrubbed and fumigated which minimises costs of repair and site shut down. Sometimes flooring must be anti-static to safely ground or disperse the accumulation of electro-static charge. Kemtile, using Stonhard products, design and install floor and wall finishes and drainage systems for processing, packaging, laboratories and clean rooms, all of which demand floors that can perform.

Hard-wearing solutions suitable for sterile environments

To remove any spores in the air and to kill airborne germs, pharmaceutical sites tend to fumigate to control the microbial contamination in controlled areas. This essential cleaning can be aggressive on certain floor finishes and vinyl. Epoxy resin as used by Kemtile is a much more durable, hard-wearing solution to withstand the very rigorous demands of such processing facilities.

Truly seamless flooring reduces opportunity for bacterial growth

Kemtile uses Stonhard’s Stonproof CT5 Crack Treatment is a bandage system which we install over cracks and joints in the floor to create a truly seamless floor finish. No joints mean there is less risk of the floor breaking down due to traffic and there’s also less opportunity for bacterial growth.

Chemical-resistant flooring for pharmaceutical businesses

Kemtile’s sterile flooring and drainage solutions improve contamination control, are non-slip to protect employees and visitors, and anti-static to provide superior static control. The floorings are chemical-resistant with a range of specific coatings to resist process chemicals, including fibreglass-reinforced waterproof membranes for wet process areas. They are resistant to impact and easy to clean. No waxing is required, which reduces maintenance costs. The flooring is a CGMP-compliant (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) system and fitted using low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

Floors that meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards

Current Good Manufacturing Practice is all about making sure that a facility is fit for purpose and will not pose a risk to the operation or the product. All of our pharma clients require GMP compliant flooring systems. It is a question we are frequently asked and we work to ensure Kemtile flooring systems meet these strict requirements.

We were immediately impressed with their knowledge and experience, which was clear from the solution that they developed in response to our brief.

Dave Greaves

Senior Construction Manager , Boulting Environmental Services