Public Sector

From healthcare environments to town halls and wider council and government-run facilities, Kemtile has a proven track record in designing and installing durable hygienic flooring systems across the public sector. We also have enviable public sector hygienic flooring credentials in prisons and police, fire and ambulance stations.


Hygienic flooring for public sector buildings

Able to meet the most uncompromising infection control standards in healthcare environments, Kemtile-specified and installed flooring systems are highly durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean to support infection control practices.

Providing a sound footing for public sector footfall

Public spaces are, by their very nature, exposed to a wider range of people, so it is vital that flooring can be easily kept clean, is slip resistant, and conforms to health and safety standards, and to environmental standards. Kemtile’s public sector clients benefit from flooring systems that are seamless, without any open joints, cracks or grout lines. This mean that it’s sanitary and much more hygienic, providing no space for organic bacteria to develop or liquids to puddle. It is easy to clean, durable, resistant to slips, stains, water, fire, and abrasion. We can install sound-absorbing features to help minimise noise levels, and we install products which are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Single-point of contact for warranty

The Stonhard resin and epoxy flooring and wall systems which Kemtile installs in public sector buildings are available in a wide range of colours, finishes and designs, allowing us to meet your exact requirements. Whatever combinations of products you choose, you will be covered by a single warranty covering both the products and the workmanship.