Lining systems

Corrosive environments often require solutions for a variety of obstacles using a high performance lining system. A well designed chemically resistant bund lining must address two critical factors — chemical exposure and the physical demands of the application.

Seamless lining systems

Stonhard’s lining experts are devoted exclusively to concrete corrosion protection. And protection begins with proper design and engineering details. Our experience coating both primary and secondary containment areas gives us the ability to offer you the most safe, effective, long-term solutions, from products to installation. Stonhard also offers seamless floor protection to work in conjunction with your lining solutions

Chemically resistant bund linings

Corrosive environments often require solutions for a variety of obstacles using a single system. A well designed lining must address two critical factors — chemical exposure and the physical demands of the application

After selecting the appropriate resin binder chemistry, the physical configuration of the system must be determined.  After a thorough site survey, Kemtile will recommend a system or combination of systems customized to meet the specific requirements of every application


Stonchem CIP

By utilising both our urethane and vinyl ester resins we have developed a durable, slip resistant, hygienic solution for CIP flooring with high chemical resistance to;

  • Detergents, used for removing oils and fats
  • sanitising agents, chlorine based compounds to inhibit growth of microorganisms
  • acid cleaners, for inorganic residues, descaling and removing mineral deposits
  • caustic cleaners, alkaline solutions to remove tough organic residue and heavy grease
  • descaling agents, to remove scale and mineral deposits that can accumulate inside pipes


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Case Study: Envirowales Ltd

Envirowales is an industry-leading, lead acid battery recycling plant located in Ebbw Vale, South Wales. In 2008 Stonhard, and it’s associate/sister company Kemtile, was chosen by Envirowales to design and install a heavy duty, anti-corrosion, lining system at its facility in Ebbw Vale.

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Seamless bund lining polymer technologies

300 Series

This general purpose series of products is based on a highly cross-linked Bisphenol A epoxy resin designed to protect concrete substrates against a broad range of chemicals in a wide variety of applications, including water and wastewater treatment facilities. Best for exposure to low concentrations of inorganic acids and moderate concentrations of caustics.

400 Series

State-of-the-art polyurea-polyurethane hybrid technology shapes this series of coatings. This unique polymer is created by a nucleophilic addition reaction between an amine- and hydroxyl-terminated resin and an isocyanate. This reaction allows for the instant formation of a tough, flexible film. Best for exposure to petroleum products, caustics and moderate concentrations of acids. Systems suitable for use in water and wastewater treatment facilities.

500 Series

The patented chemistry results in a hybrid epoxy resin combination producing modified cycloaliphatic and aliphatic amine hardeners. This unique blend creates a more resilient structure which optimizes the balance between chemical resistance, impact strength and thermal cycling resistance.Best for exposure to alkalies, moderate acids and high molecular weight solvents.NOTE: We offer an immersion grade, flake-filled tank lining suitable for chemical and water/wastewater applications. Ask us about Stonchem 541.

600 Series

This novolac epoxy resin is used to shape our most advanced epoxy system. The novolac epoxy is synthesized by selective epoxidation of the multiple phenolic hydroxyls of the novolac resin. The resultant compact structure exhibits elevated temperature and chemical resistance.Best for exposure to inorganic acids, concentrated sulfuric acid, aggressive solvents and alkalies.

700 Series

This series is engineered with a chlorendic acid-based, unsaturated polyester resin. This dense polymer network is physically strong and resistant to most oxidizing chemicals.
Best for exposure to nitric acid, chromic acid and hydrogen

800 Series

A highly cross-linked vinyl ester resin forms the basis of this series. The combination of a small number of ester groups and a high degree of branching results in excellent thermal stability and broad-based chemical resistance.
Best for exposure to concentrated organic acids, inorganic
acids, most solvents and alkalies