Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a set of answers to commonly asked questions about the drainage and flooring we supply and install, such as drainage styles floor colours, durability, weight-bearing qualities and timescales for installation. If you have a question not included here, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Do you supply and install both industrial ceramic tile and resin flooring systems?

Kemtile is one of the few companies that can install both of these types of flooring systems, which means we’re well placed to advise customers on the right one to meet their needs. This often means combining both to meet specific performance and cost requirements as well as aesthetics. Both ceramic tiles and resin flooring finishes can be complemented by the installation of stainless steel drainage which we can design, supply and install as we have been doing for over 4o years.

Why is your floor tiling system different to any others?

Firstly, we do not install just tiles we install a unique ceramic floor tiling system called Kagetec. It’s uniqueness comes in terms of its appearance and how it is installed as well as the performance qualities it offers. Where possible, with our Kagetec system we only install 18mm thick mvtec tiles from the German manufacturer Argelith. The mvtec tiles are fully vitrified have HACCP approval and are extremely hard, which means that they’re durable, making them an ideal tiling choice for hygienic food and drink manufacturing. 

What colours are your Stonhard resin floors available in?

We have a standard range for both our polyurethane and epoxy ranges of high performance seamless resin floors. The epoxy range is more extensive, and it should be noted that with some of the polyurethane colours that they can change in shade if exposed to a lot of UV light. It doesn’t change their performance in any way otherwise just in appearance.

Will the floor withstand the weight of fork-lift trucks?

If your base floor or concrete will take the anticipated loading for the area then our flooring systems will work in your environment. Our flooring systems are designed to protect the very precious and expensive structure of your building from  the wear and tear of fork lift trucks along with trollies, kegs and barrels, for example.

Can you provide a floor that can be removed easily at the end of my lease?

Yes. For many of our customers, especially breweries the flooring and drainage specification is dictated by lease agreements, which usually stipulate that premises must be left in exactly the same condition as they were upon arrival in other words dilapidation. For example most brewery premises have a concrete floor, which in itself not able to withstand the demands of the rigorous brewing process, such as sugars from the beers and caustic, flooring is a necessary investment to protect the concrete base and provide that all important hygienic finish required for high quality beer production.

Can you put resin flooring on top of tiles, or tiles on top of resin floors?

Yes, we can, but each case is determined individually, and a site survey is required to determine the suitability of the underlying cement flooring as a base. If the existing tiles are sound then we can overlay them with a fabric reinforced “crack bridging” system first and then over lay this with a new Stonhard floor. The “crack bridging” system stops any cracks caused by movement in the base layer for coming through to the new Stonhard floor finish. This system isn’t just confined to being used over ceramic tiles it can also be used to go over badly cracked but sound concrete. We even have the same material in a “strip” form so individual cracks can be treated and sealed prior to installation of the new Stonhard floor.

Is there a strong odour when installing flooring systems?

Generally, not. We always try to use low odour, non-taint products where possible due to the environments that we work in.


With drainage what size and style of drainage gully do I need?

The size and design of gulley or gullies would best be determined by a site survey. Selection is usually determined by the flow rates that need to be discharged, underground connections, manhole depths and distance from the drainage and size of outlet.


How quickly can you do the job? When can I use the floor?

It really depends on the type of job and what the project entails. At Kemtile we do everything from minor weekend shutdown work to more extensive refurbishments and new builds. It is our bespoke approach to each project that sets us apart from our competition. Just tell us your timing requirements and we always try to meet them.

Which flooring is best for fitting in with a tight production deadline?

We appreciate that it is not always easy to shutdown production, which makes certain systems from our Stonhard resin flooring range with their “quick cure “ properties the best solution when timescales are tight.